Wednesday 30 September 2009

Carnivale - Badger

Seems to have caught up on me too, i've been so busy painting enviros so this had to be a traditional character just for a break. Anyway here is my carnivale swan.

Really nice work everyone!


Ran out of time to finish this - great entries everyone :)


Didn't really get the time for this one-did a random sketch last night and threw some quick textures/shadows/highlights over it, not all that exciting but it's something I guess. Nice work guys-loving your enviros of late Ben!

Carnival: "Pagan Crone"

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My entry for this month's theme of Carnival. I was initially inspired by the Carny-Ville perfomaning arts event that Sorrel and I are going to. Jugglers, acrobats, stilt walkers and paedophiles stalk around dressed up like Papa Lazarou and creating a terrifying and twisted funfair. Unfortunatly, our tickets arent until the weekend, so I couldnt do any direct sketching for this entry. So my idea gradually turned into a Pagan thing, and Pagans favourite pastime; burning policemen alive.

And here's the line art:

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Monday 28 September 2009


So me and Ben went for the same thing, but they both turned out totally different!

Sunday 27 September 2009

March of the Dragon

Gave in and went back to my original idea :P Done in grayscale first and coloured with the overlay layer. I'll make a tutorial for this and put the link here when its done.

EDIT: OK here is a lil attempt at a tutorial :P....
Tutorial Here!!!!

Friday 25 September 2009

How's everyone doing?

Lovely to see your piece coming along Fran its looking great - is Everyone else still alive and arting? lol

I should have been posting my ideas on here as I went instead of just on my blog, sorry..
"O' The Jester is a sad man,he is not the merry clown
for the people mock and jeer him as he wanders through the town.
His hat is tipped with tinkling bells, they chime so happily.
but The Jester is a sad man longing only to be free..."

Comedians often seem a bit forced in their humour to me, I'm sure I've read that they have massive suicide rates as well, isn't it odd that the people we turn to for our entertainment are often just plastering a thin veneer of jollity over their nurosis and depression and that we take enjoyment from observing it?

Wonder gecko float thumbnails and watercolour noodlings.

I like the idea of looking at the post carnival comedown. Its such a high octane exciting affair you cant help but feel that there must be a grand sense of anti-climax once it is done, especially for the children.. for the love of god, won't somebody think of the children??? lol. that must be a Horton hears a Whoism I think.


Monday 21 September 2009

roughs in PS, i think the environment looks better now, makes a bit more sense, need to add all the other stuff then refine, then colour :)

Carnival sketch

Heres a thumb that i like, need to work out the bottom a bit more though- including the people :)

Tuesday 1 September 2009

Sept - New Topic!

Hello Everyone :)

Well September is upon us (I know- already!) so its time to set a new subject for the month...

but first I'd like to say thank you to everyone for last months contributions. It really is exciting seeing the diverse approach and range of techniques that each of you has used to interpret the subject and great motivation to try new things and push myself to tackle my weaknesses and progress further into the realm of doodle! I hope you have found it fun and motivational too and will continue to join in.

Speaking of joining can I welcome the lovely Fran who will be participating in future. If you know anyone who would like to join in please don't hesitate to ask them - the more the merrier!

Once again - Good Work Everyone!

Unless anyone objects, I propose that Septembers topic be:


I think this is a great topic with lots of scope for personal interpretation - if you need inspiration then there should also be plenty of photo-ref available of the Notting Hill Carnival which has just happened.

Also the Thames Festival with its fantastic night carnival is coming up in London on the 12 & 13th, I'll be there for both days of the festival and would love to meet up for sketching and general inspiration :)

Might I also suggest that we save posting our final contributions until as near to the end of the month as possible so that we can have one grand unveiling of everyone's work? It would still be lovely to see everyone's sketches, ideas and wip's throughout the month of course....

See you for Carnival creativity soon!