Sunday 13 December 2009

Banking ....still going lol.

Well I haven't refined/coloured this I really wanted to get my computer back up and running so I could do this digitally and practice that side of things more but if I'm still without it by the end of next week I'll bite the bullet and go trad.

I'm afraid I also thought as banking post-apocalypse becoming a matter of safegaurding that which was precious to people . Investment (for the future) banking. My Post Ap people aren't sophisticated enough to have bots though, its back to good old thugs with clubs, Our clever fatcat banker has managed to recruit a couple to his cause but somehow I don't think he likes these investments as much as he liked shillings and pence..

Anyway.......What do you want for Christmas? ;)


Sunday 6 December 2009

Banker bot


My idea is that there banking has resolved to large robots being paid to look after people's belongings. Security for a fee basically.

So here is my banker bot infront of a vault with anachronistic lamp and desk the 'face' of banking and the looming robot.

Not happy with the composition, but did it pretty quick and learnt a bit from it.

Dec/Jan Topic:

Ok Happy December Everyone :) Hope you are all as excited about the festive period as I am ;)

I said before we could do a long Art-ac to cover the christmas period but because I like two of Badgers previous suggestions, and in case anyone wants to stick to one topic a month I will suggest this:

Either choose one and make it a long one or do both with one for each month over Dec/Jan. Post whenever you like!

What do you want for Christmas?


Truth Seeker

I must get my post apocalyptic Banking one finished. Hasn't somebody invented that time-infusion machine yet???