Thursday 15 October 2009

Forgot to attach a lil paint-over I did, probably less help to you than others but may as well illustrate the point. there any way to edit posts, would have just added this to last one if so.
Nice Ben, looking very cool....though it's bothering me a little that the cicular warp area isn't obaying the laws of perspective....I know your probably going with a looser style with this but there are some things your not allowed to speed over;). Might be nice to add some framing silhouettes around the edge too-just for some added depth. Keeping the standard high for the rest of us!

Wednesday 14 October 2009

Lets do the time warp!

There you go! A bit dark though heh

Thursday 1 October 2009

Octobers here!

And that means, Oh yes, the NEXT topic....

Great entries from everyone, once again nice to see how different people approach the theme from a myriad of angles and styles :)

As I can't believe we are nearing the final quarter of 2009 and I'm sure I shall spend October willing there to be more hours in the day I think a good theme for this month would be:


Although, as always, open to alternative suggestions....

See you for the next Artac! post more Wips as you go if you can please, and I shall endeavor to do the same...

Hope you're ok and can join us sometime Molly *hugs*