Wednesday 14 October 2009

Lets do the time warp!

There you go! A bit dark though heh


  1. I really like the grungey, dirty futuristic look of this. Nice tonal range and lighting design for a very dramatic image. Is that circuit boards used as subtle photogrepahic texture on the walls?

    Is that PO simply to refute Dave's crit? I can see that it is in the same plane of perspective, but twhen the rest of the room is so sharp and well defined, the ellipse of the scanner is a little rough/wonky.

    I like the spooky 'GLaDOS' computer staring at the scientist ;) very good!

  2. Good eye! Yup it is a circuit board! Ah, i just got what PO stands for *sloooooow* I was wondering why it was named after the kunf gu panda?!?!?