Sunday 6 December 2009

Banker bot


My idea is that there banking has resolved to large robots being paid to look after people's belongings. Security for a fee basically.

So here is my banker bot infront of a vault with anachronistic lamp and desk the 'face' of banking and the looming robot.

Not happy with the composition, but did it pretty quick and learnt a bit from it.


  1. I like the Robots stance, 'tis very good - solid and intimidating yet still animated, good call :)

    I'm not really that hot on composition knowledge yet but I think maybe if you pulled it in a bit to make the banker/bot loom more it could work? I've done a manky photoshop hack on it to show what I mean, I'll send you it and you can laugh at me ;)

    I'll post mine later today when I get to my scanner...

  2. Oooh oh oh! I just noticed the desk with lamp detail properly - love it! The whole bankers desk mentality - the way they lord it over you with a blank condescending gaze over a fort made of antique mahogany and green leather is priceless :D