Tuesday 3 November 2009


Welcome everyone, to the month of cold nights, foggy breath, rainbow leaves, sparkling skies and bonfires burning :)

I have taken the suggestions of the Nefarious Badger on board, and think all of them have great potential (Especially cute bunny lol and P-A Fairground mmmmmnom). However, I like to make sure that the subject is not too narrow and in some way resonates with the month for me so I have made a bit of an amalgamated leap.....


All I've heard on the radio so far this month is banks banks banks. And I have too many jobs right now, and still no money for the things I want to do, so money is high on my agenda this month! plus I like post apocalypse as much as the next woman and if we are in economic meltdown it seems an interesting ponder.

I think this theme leaves things pretty wide open for whatever you prefer, Characters ( Bankers) Environments (Banks) Vehicles ( Currency transportation) Illustration, Political Comment, Humour, Industrial fixtures & fittings - you get the gist, right? ;)

I will be making time to do this this month and jumping back on the blogging wagon after last months horrifying derailment!

See you all in the Wips.... :D



  1. I give you all those ideas and you go with banking... BANKING?? the one thing that remains almost unchanged through the centuaries, super markets are more interesting. But maybe thats the challenge, grumble grumple.
    I'll see what my brain spits out.

  2. Oh Badger *shakes head sadly* if I picked one of your usual areas of interest where would the challenge be? I like the potential visuals for banking, it is under-represented in concept arting circles I feel ;)

    Seriously if you really hate it I can use one of your ideas in its entirity I just felt they were too cool as far as imediate concept and thus images go and so not so challenging.

    But I was thinking that bankers and how they would cope in a post apocalyptic society(or lack thereof)would be quite interesting. How would they survive? how could they re-define their role? As a postapocalyptonite what services could they offer that would persuade you to trade with them rather than just brain them with your improvised weapon of choice and use their ribs as roofing struts for your nifty post-ap shelter? Hell, draw your post-ap secret alter ego taking out a banker if that grabs you ;)