Monday 2 November 2009

Oh dear....

Well October was every bit as hectic as predicted for me and by the participation this month I'd say I'm not the only one who suffered lack of time for arting. Good work from Ben though, well done : )

Hope you're all doing well and enjoying the beautiful autumnal colours everywhere - If anyone has a particular theme/topic they would like to suggest for November please suggest it in the comments for this post, if not I shall be forced to concoct my own dastardly scheme and who knows what might happen O_o ;)



  1. Hehe, busy times indeed! You've come up with some great topic so far so I may have to entrust you with that further. I was thinking of something like 'back to school' for the people restarting uni but that is prob a bit late :P

  2. Topic! Topic!

    My secret identity - Winter wonderland - My first flying machine - adventure to the centre of the earth - Truth seeker - The lost huntsman - Cute rabbits - Snow drift emergency - BELOW THE ICE - Post apocalyptic fun fayre - River adventure - What do you want for christmas.

    There are some spammed ideas, they are probably all rubbish. x

  3. i like my secret identity B ;)

    also sorry for not contributing, brain arf and uni work!

  4. Why thank you Ben :)

    Badger some great ideas there - will post the chosen one when I get home tonight ;)

    Dont worry Fran I imagine uni is pretty hectic after all that summer holidaying, hope its all going well so far.