Monday, 21 September 2009

Carnival sketch

Heres a thumb that i like, need to work out the bottom a bit more though- including the people :)


  1. Hehe, nice one! I was actually thinking of something like this... sooo back to the drawing board it is for me!

  2. hey dw, if you were gonna do something similar then do it, im sure theyd both end up very different anywho!

  3. Ah, its no problem. I havent even started yet! (shhhhhh I havent been slacking off... not convincing eh?)

  4. hehe ok, well it wouldnt bother me if you did go with your original idea

  5. I like it :) the lanterns and confetti frame and draw the eye into the image really nicely :) looking forward to seeing it developed :)

    And looking forward to seeing yours too Ben!

    and still trying to decide what to do for my own! :-o