Tuesday, 1 September 2009

Sept - New Topic!

Hello Everyone :)

Well September is upon us (I know- already!) so its time to set a new subject for the month...

but first I'd like to say thank you to everyone for last months contributions. It really is exciting seeing the diverse approach and range of techniques that each of you has used to interpret the subject and great motivation to try new things and push myself to tackle my weaknesses and progress further into the realm of doodle! I hope you have found it fun and motivational too and will continue to join in.

Speaking of joining can I welcome the lovely Fran who will be participating in future. If you know anyone who would like to join in please don't hesitate to ask them - the more the merrier!

Once again - Good Work Everyone!

Unless anyone objects, I propose that Septembers topic be:


I think this is a great topic with lots of scope for personal interpretation - if you need inspiration then there should also be plenty of photo-ref available of the Notting Hill Carnival which has just happened.

Also the Thames Festival with its fantastic night carnival is coming up in London on the 12 & 13th, I'll be there for both days of the festival and would love to meet up for sketching and general inspiration :)

Might I also suggest that we save posting our final contributions until as near to the end of the month as possible so that we can have one grand unveiling of everyone's work? It would still be lovely to see everyone's sketches, ideas and wip's throughout the month of course....

See you for Carnival creativity soon!



  1. Good going! Cheers for the topic generating :P You just cant get the Thames Festival out of your head can ya? :P

  2. I'm so excited!!! lol I'm just going to be glad to be off on a mini adventure - I get bored staying in one place for too long....

  3. Yeah, it does look good but sadly I need to save up on the moolah! But by the sounds of it you should too with your ebay antics! :P

  4. Thanks for the invite, when shall we post our final pieces? Looking forward to seeing everyone's contributions! ;)

  5. Welcome Adam - good to have you onboard :D
    (Yes that's right - Artac is secretly a giant ship - just call me Cap'n Mazz, arrrr! ;))

    Shall we say aim for sharing our final images around Sun 27th as its the nearest weekend to the end of September? if anyone wants to do it differently tis no problem :)

    Ben - Yeah, I understand needing to save, cant you hitchhike to london with a friend or summat? the actual festival is all free :D (Mazz <3 the Free) - I probably should be saving my money you're right! But... you can't spend it when you're dead and even the best laid plans... and other such clichey quotes to back up my impulsive spending habits - lol. I can resist anything except adventure temptation and cool stuff ;) lol.


  6. i shall indeed contribute, i hope i dont forget, i may require being poked about this